Accidental Productions

Student Workshops

The Student workshop is similar to the online seminar in character, but it transcends beyond the virtual platform. It also involves training within the four walls of a classroom. It offers technical know-how from industry experts and teaches students from various places beginners’ courses to start their career path.

The workshop is perfectly outlined to ensure organisation and proper dispensation of lectures. Accidental productions provide various workshops from costume, sets, costume, editing, director, recording etc. There is no benchmark age for students attending the seminar so far; they have passed elementary school. Usually, students from grade 10 can attend.

We may resort to active online classes from time to time due to the present raging coronavirus disease. The curriculum include


In literature, a monologue refers to a speech delivered by a single individual. It is different from Aside and soliloquy because it is intended for the audience to hear. No other characters are involved.

Costume Preparation

To portray a particular character in a play, the costume manager finds appropriate clothing. For instance, a rural setting would require rustic dressing or exhibition of its culture. It involves various stages, including analysis.

Set Design

It refers to location set-up. For stage plays, different props are put together to depict proper settings and pass underlying messages across.

Stage directing

The work of a director is not an easy task. He oversees every scene in the play. They help the characters interpret their roles to communicate the exact message the script is trying to pass across. The director is involved from the beginning of production until the very end.

Our workshops also create opportunities and provide support to young persons’ school of drama. Professionals coordinate the workshops with adequate knowledge and expertise. The seminars also extended to drama teachers and playwrights equipped with an extensive teaching curriculum with practicals to give back to their students.

Benefits of attending Accidental Productions Workshops

There are a lot of benefits attached to attending our seminars. Apart from enlightening our attendees on various techniques of productions, you receive other services such as

  • In-depth Expert Knowledge from production specialists

We invited the best in the industry to undertake pieces of training. Our workshops are of international standards and, therefore, attract an intellectual audience.

  • Focus and Intensity

Training is intense, and each workshop works with objectives. At the end of each workshop, we must fulfill the purposes. It is a shortcut for those who cannot do long duration courses.

It covers a voluminous syllabus within a short time.

  • Network Opportunities

Seminars bring together persons from different parts of the world. Hence, it allows you to expand your range of connections and exposes you to more opportunities.

The workshop gathers various enthusiasts who discuss issues arising in the industry and solutions to the challenges facing them.

  • Exposure

Workshops expose you educationally and socially.

  • Convenience

Unlike physical seminars, which may attract travel costs, virtual conferences are convenient, and you can attend from any location of your choice. Assessment is also online through the CBT practice system.