Accidental Productions

Past Productions

We have prepared a series of our past productions for your reference. They include


Innocence is an exhilarating drama that tells a story of a broken world similar to prevailing events in today’s world. There are different stories embedded in the play. For instance, it tells the story of illegal immigrants – Fadoula and Elisa and other characters such as Rosa and her bitter mother, Franz and the deserted Frau. They admitted to crimes he knew nothing about.  There are lots of wrongs in society pointed out in the drama presentation. The characters are used as a representation of the fragmented lifestyle individuals live in the modern-day world.

It shows man’s struggles from a day to the other while pointing out his strengths and courage.  The characters in the play are Amy Brooks, Bob Brady, Tim Smith, Bridget Walters, Jesse Butler and Nic Krieg.

The Good Doctor

Neil Simon wrote the play. The good doctor is a good comedy performed by Accidental productions in partnership with the director and producer- Emily McMahon.

In the play, the main character was Anton Chekhov. It narrates the story of a seducer who is having affairs with a married woman. It also tells other reports of a man who wants to drown himself for three roubles and a creature that lacks defence but clamour for her husband’s rights.

It consists of several comical scenes of real-life situations that you would have enjoyed.

Molly’s shoes

This play was written by Alex Vickery home, and it highlights issues surrounding the mysterious life of humans. The play borrowed the element of humour and theatrics and combined various forms of human’s life such as cultural heritage, religion and Art to portray love. Also, it narrates the story of three characters – David, Elspeth and Molly in two seasons which are about twenty year’s difference.

The protagonists- moss and Elspeth, fell in love between certain times in the 20th century. Still, their relationship broke down when it came under the scrutiny of their senior professor, Molly Taffy. In the end, they are reunited but only to watch Molly has Alzheimer’s disease and forced to concede to certain ethical decisions.

The play features Bridget Walters, Tim Smith, John Maurice and Rachel Jones.

The Fringe      

The play was staged in 2011 between February 19th and March 13th at Citysoul, Adelaide. The play is embedded with a lot of lessons about real-life situations.

Boys’ Life

This play recounts the struggles of teenage years. There were three boys – Don, Jack and Phil who were trying to grow at all costs in the play. They involve in all sort of activities in a greedy attempt to become men. In the end, they ended up becoming the opposites of what they had hoped to become. Instead, it is the women in their lives who have grown.

Worlds End

Paul Sellar wrote this play. It is a story of two love birds – Kat and Ben. While Kat was moving out with the help of our best friend and an acquaintance, Ben realises he was yet to get over her.

With poignancy and humour, the playwright attempts to present love in the 21st century. 

Our past productions have only taken place in few locations. We usually use The Bakehouse Theatre.