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There are different processes and procedures involved with the productions of dramatic works. It involves stages that are otherwise known as pre-production, production and post-production. Nonetheless, these stages require specific technical skills in different production teams. These skills are


VFX is one of the procedures in film post-production. It consists of the use of existing screen imagery. Also, specific actions that may prove difficult during shooting are fitted during VFX.


Editing is another technical skill that needs to be learnt and practised over time. It is the first stage of the post and often involves adding and subtracting audio sounds, elements and overall adjustments. The editing process is very vital like the shooting process itself, especially in quality, because it boosts the production market value.


Apart from the type of camera and editing expertise, lighting is also another factor to consider. The lighting effect contributes positively to the production of an excellent result.

Lighting equipment includes a back or fills light, set-up, clamp, diffusers etc.


Although sounds do not seem complicated, it requires skills. Actors use different types of microphones. The three types of microphones are dynamic, condenser and Lapel.

  • Dynamic Microphones

Dynamic microphones are studio microphones and, thus, are loud. They are also very affordable but unidirectional.

  • Condenser Microphone

The most appropriate microphone for voiceovers, studio production, among others. It is transparent in nature and pricey.

  • Lapel Microphones

  Lapel Microphones are tiny like the name and mainly used for acting because of their invisibility.

In a bid to foster interest in productions, we organise seminars and organisations. Within few hours, you can learn more about various production techniques and tools utilised by artists for multiple reasons. Due to the pandemic, we have moved from physical workshops to virtual workshops, and this, we believe, would enable us to have access to a broader audience.

Our facilitators are the best in the field, with lots of achievements to boast of. Our curriculum covers the nitty-gritty of effective communication, motor exercises, voice training and teamwork, among others.

Certificates may be awarded at the end of each session.

Benefits of attending Accidental Productions Workshops

There are a lot of benefits attached to attending our seminars. Apart from enlightening our attendees on various techniques of productions, you receive other services such as

  • In-depth Expert Knowledge from production specialists

We invited the best in the industry to undertake pieces of training. Our workshops are of international standards and, therefore, attract an intellectual audience.

  • Focus and Intensity

Training is intense, and each workshop works with objectives. At the end of each workshop, the goals are fulfilled. It is a shortcut for those who cannot do long duration courses.

It covers a voluminous syllabus within a short time.

  • Network Opportunities

Seminars bring together persons from different parts of the world. Hence, it allows you to expand your range of connections and exposes you to more opportunities.

The workshop gathers various enthusiasts who discuss issues arising in the industry and solutions to their challenges.

  • Exposure

Workshops expose you educationally and socially.

  • Convenience

Unlike physical seminars, which may attract travel costs, virtual conferences are convenient, and you can attend from any location of your choice. Assessment is also online through the CBT practice system.