Accidental Productions


Accidental productions Initiatives

The company operates as one of the agents of evolution for Australia’s performing Art through its various activities. With our yearly productions, Accidental productions are dedicated to creating an avenue for artistic talents development. This initiative would have long-lasting impacts on the industry and the country at large.

At Accidental Productions, our mission is to get the world to experience the beauty of the Australian entertainment industry and enlighten different races about its rich culture and heritage.

Our current initiatives are woven round workshops and more productions.

Online and Student Workshops

Part of the plans for the workshop initiatives is to teach about various production techniques and tools utilised by artists. Due to the pandemic, we have moved from physical workshops to virtual workshops, and an added advantage is the ability to reach a wider audience.

Our facilitators are the best in the field, with lots of achievements to boast of. Our curriculum covers the nitty-gritty of effective communication, motor exercises, voice training and teamwork, among others. Also, we work with a definite and carefully planned calendar for the effective running of the initiative.

Accidental productions provide various workshops from costume, sets, costume, editing, director, recording etc. There is no benchmark age for students attending the seminar so far; they have passed elementary school. Usually, students from grade 10 can attend.

New and Innovative Productions

Over the years, our productions have only been centred on comedy, satires and romance. This year, we are looking forward to exploring these forms of drama works deeply and other untouched areas. These forms of drama are explained briefly below.

  • Satire

Satire is a form of drama meant to ridicule a social vice such as bribery and corruption, embezzlement, cheating and other bad behaviour. It goes side by side with criticisms.

  • Comedy

Comedy is almost equated with laughter because it deals with happy endings. However, it is erroneous that all comedy plays must have a cheerful tone throughout the duration. The end it has is what justifies it as a comedy. Accidental productions look forward to gracing your screens with different forms of comedy series and plays.

  • Tragedy

The tragedy is the exact opposite of comedy. It ends on a sad note and often entertains the greatest fears in life. Tragedy follows a pattern like other forms of drama, including climax and anti-climax, but the mood does not change even after resolution.

  • Farce

It is a dramatic work similar to comedy that uses horseplay and buffoonery. Also, it uses traditional characterisation. The characters are involved in complicated situations that may seem unreal.

  • Opera

In opera, music is vital. It is a theatrical performance that uses music to communicate actions to the audience. To create an effect, the producer or director includes dramatic costumes or incorporate a funny setting.

  • Melodrama

Melodrama means tragic farce because it is more intense. It is a dramatic work with characters and situations that are exaggerated.

Accidental Productions will continue to play its parts in using stage plays, written and performing drama to illustrate the realities of life.