Accidental Productions

Current Productions

Accidental Productions have played their parts in using stage plays, written and performing drama to illustrate the realities of life. Our productions cuts across different forms of theatre that include


Satire is a genre of literature that criticises social vices, which may be economic, political, or social. It is meant to ridicule a thing and also review the situation of things.


Comedy is any play with a happy ending. It is full of laughter but with an underlying message.


The tragedy is the exact opposite of comedy. Often, it is used to create a reflection of life’s happenings.

We hope to explore other dramatic works, which include farce, Melodrama, mime, pantomime etc.


It is a dramatic work similar to comedy that uses horseplay and buffoonery. Also, it uses traditional characterisation. The characters are involved in complicated situations that may seem unreal.


Melodrama is different from farce because it is more intense. It is a dramatic work with over-emphasised characters and exciting scenes that are intended to appeal to emotions.

We have collections of scripts of renowned playwrights within and outside of Adelaide state. Different performing arts schools and audience look forward to our production activities. Some of our past productions include Innocence by Dea Loher; Neil Simon’s “The Good Doctor”; Fringe 2009 and 2011; Howard’s Boys’ life; Arabian Night by Roland, Cold comfort and Paul Sellar’s romantic “World end”.

Due to the recent covid-19 outbreak, no productions took place in 2020. We were forced to put every activity on hold. Nonetheless, our playwrights are in the act of writing plays that portrays recent happenings.

The most recent production carried out is titled “Sexual perversity” and was written by David Mamet.

Sexual Perversity

Indeed, the world is no longer what it used to be regarding sexual purity. The difference between love and romance in the olden days and in recent times can rarely be bridged.

The play is a witty, fast-paced, dirty and down comedy by the winner of famous “Glengary Glenn Ross”. In the play, Danny and Bernie were colleagues at work, and the latter does not go a day without feeding Danny with the stories of his sexual escapades. On the other hand, Danny is not indifferent to these stories because it helps him pass away time.

From another angle, Deborah and Joan stay in the same place. Deborah confessed to having lesbianism potentials but is restrained by the possessive control of one of her flat mate’s teacher. The latter believes all men are the same and, therefore, pursues only one goal.

Later in the story, Danny got together with Deborah while Bernie attempts to get closer to Joan. This scene is where the climax sets in as things got complicated.

In short, the story is essentially about the sexual orientation of both genders towards the other. The conflict point is that no gender seems to agree with the other.

The play features actors like Renee Gentle, Rose Mandahla, Nic Krieg, Hjalmar Svenna. It is directed and coordinated by Jesse Butler while Stephen Dean provided the lighting. Tammy Boden created the overall design.