Accidental Productions


At Work

Our works evolve from long-term planned projects or random contacts from different sources, primarily playwrights. When we do, we connect with our intelligent and versatile group of artists who have gathered experience from various fields and endeavours of life.

Our Artists work at shows, teach at workshops, host programs, and act out scripts and written dramas. Every year, we scout for new talents, especially at the end of our students’ workshop and organise mentorship programs to nurture them. We engage in at least five productions per year except last year, where we could hold none due to the outbreak. We often use the Bakehouse Theatre.

We will continue to bring you more shows, programs and theatrical productions. The most prominent artists that have featured in our exhibitions are

Amy Brooks

Her full name is Amy Victoria Brooks, who finished a diploma from the Arts department at Adelaide College. She works and lives in Sydney and constantly grace our screen on T.V shows and programs. She also works as a voiceover artist and possesses other skills such as improvisation.

Bob Brady

He made his debut appearance in 1982 in a movie titled ‘liquid sky’. He is an actor and an editor and has been a mentor to other artists such as Anne Carlisle.

Bob Brady also acted in “A nightmare on Elm street” and “super fly”.  He is such an excellent actor.

Tim Smith

Tim Smith is a popular name among Aussies. He is a comedian, writer and actor.  He has featured in comedy series that include “The comedy company sketch” and “Eagles and Evans”.

As a radio personality, he hosted the breakfast show by Richard Stubbs. He has so many achievements to his name.

Bridget Walters

Bridget Walters is an actress and a known member of South Australia’s state theatre company. She has performed in several productions, including Macbeth, Innocence, Uncle Vanya and Noises Off.

Jesse Butler

Jesse is a comedian and actor, and his origins can be traced to indigenous Australians. He has featured in various productions.

Nic Krieg

Nic is also an actor that featured in one of our plays-Innocence.

Our Artists are not limited to the actors. They include playwrights. Over the years, we have worked with famous writers such as Dea Loher, Neil Simon, Alex Vickery-Howe, Graham Swannell, Neil Simon, Howard Korder, Owen McCafferty, Paul Sellar and Neil LaBute. They are a group of brilliant writers who are in pursuit of using drama to recreate a new world. They draw up real-life situations in a web of scenes and storyline.

Also, we provide schooling for young writers and allow them the freedom to tap into their full potentials. Unless an application for submissions is sent to the public, we discourage unsolicited works sent to our mails. For assessment of outcomes, the Australian Guild of writers is best to provide such guidance.

Nonetheless, we accept invitations to drama presentations and shows. You may contact us through our contact page, and in less than 24 hours, our artist director would reply to you.