Accidental Productions


Welcome to Accidental Productions. Since our inception, our unique style cuts across local, national and global borders.

Accidental Productions is a present-day theatre company whose vision is to promote contemporary art forms that exist worldwide. Such works aim to examine modern forms of dramatic expressions, which happen to be incredibly dynamic and show the ever-increasing complexities of the whole world. Ensuring importance to the political, social and cultural world we dwell in, Accidental Productions will effectively and efficiently work towards entertaining our audience with engaging and appealing productions that intimately reflect the whole world. Thus, through our performances, we examine the human experience, socially, personally and politically, to provoke profound conversation within and with the audience.

Accidental Productions plans to ensure vast performance opportunities for new and emerging performers who just graduated from different learning and training institutes. We give fresh graduates opportunities to put their skills into practice, create engaging characters, use contemporary screenplays and show their work to our audience while nurturing them. Such participation serves as an education program that allows them to develop their skills without artistic restrictions and build their confidence on stage. We champion creative freedom and artistic individuality. We endeavour to seek out, find, uncover and create a platform for fresh ideas and voices.

Through a partnership with vibrant and established actors, we are committed to remaining part of the continuing culture of brilliant theatre-making in Australia, particularly Adelaide, our dedicated home: an avenue for live experiences that entertain and provoke and fresh novel ideas. We also actively endeavour to foster collaborations and relationship with inclined theatre institutions and international performers. The engagement among the vivid imagination of our performers, our esteemed audience and the growth of various new theatrical art forms is one of our highest priorities.

Accidental Productions artistic ideology is to create ingenious works worldwide, focusing on Australia, works that portray distinctive developments in the current modern world. It does not matter if these show of arts originated from Africa, Asia, America, or Europe; accessibility and inclusivity are our watchwords. We invite and seek partnership without any form of bias.

We have a fierce belief in the equality of all humans. We are at the forefront of positive change, passionately working towards its enactment. We willingly offer our audience a broad range of interpretation of contemporary repertoires, source out brilliant modern international writing and present a vast program of plays from around the world.

Our vision is to produce the best quality theatre that constantly and effectively entertains, challenges, teaches, and illuminates. We champion cultural and artistic diversity. We are also committed to seeking out alternative perspectives.

Although Accidental Productions operates on a relatively small budget, we are not deterred. Our capital is sourced from our passionate zeal and readiness to analyse the whole world on the theatre’s stage critically. Accidental Productions encompasses contemporary theatricality, faith in humanity and transparent tolerant society.