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Since our inception, our unique style cuts across local, national and global borders.

Accidental Productions Is a Present-day Theatre Company

Accidental Productions is a present-day theatre company whose vision is to promote contemporary art forms that exist worldwide. Such works aim to examine modern forms of dramatic expressions, which happen to be incredibly dynamic and show the ever-increasing complexities of the whole world.

Past productions

We have prepared a series of our past productions for your reference which include include Innocence by Dea Loher; Neil Simon's "The Good Doctor"; Fringe 2009 and 2011; Howard's Boys' life; Arabian Night by Roland, Cold comfort and Paul Sellar's romantic "World end".

Current Productions

Accidental Productions have played their parts in using stage plays, written and performing drama to illustrate the realities of life. Our productions cuts across different forms of theatre which include comedy, tragedy, satire, mime etc.

Online Workshops

There are different processes and procedures involved with the productions of dramatic works. It involves stages that are otherwise known as pre-production, production and post-production. Nonetheless, these stages require specific technical skills in different production teams.

Student Workshops

The Student workshop is similar to the online seminar in character, but it transcends beyond the virtual platform. It also involves training within the four walls of a classroom. It offers technical know-how from industry experts and teaches students from various places beginners’ courses to start their career path.

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Our works evolve from long-term planned projects or random contacts from different sources, primarily playwrights. When we do, we connect with our intelligent and versatile group of artists who have gathered experience from various fields and endeavours of life. Our Artists work at shows, teach at workshops, host programs, and act out scripts and written dramas.


The company operates as one of the agents of evolution for Australia’s performing Art through its various activities. With our yearly productions, Accidental productions are dedicated to creating an avenue for artistic talents development. This initiative would have long-lasting impacts on the industry and the country at large.

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